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System ControllersNavigation Remote Controller

The Navigation Remote Controller has been improved to meet the needs of the growing VRV and SkyAir market. This controller will satisfy almost any controls requirement. The configurable display and operation buttons will provide as much or as little control as the project requires.Can be used with: All VRV indoor units and the FAQ, FBQ, FCQ, FHQ, FTQ SkyAir indoor units

  • Easy-to-read LCD screens
  • Monitor temperature, time, airflow volume and more at the touch of a button
  • VRV Controls Network supports operation monitoring, scheduling, error e-mail distribution, general user software, tenant billing, and maintenance support.

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  • Basic Operation: On/Off, Operation mode, Setpoint, Fan speed, Airflow direction (menu)
  • Configurable display - Standard, Detailed, and Simple (improved)
  • Dual or single Cool and Heat setpoints for occupied periods (improved)
  • Independent setback setpoints for unoccupied periods
  • Unwanted buttons/operation modes can be disabled (improved)
  • Power off eliminates setpoint and mode adjustment - configurable (improved)
  • Setpoint range limitation
  • Individual button prohibits (improved)
  • Auto-changeover for Heat Recovery and Heat Pump systems with dual or single setpoints (improved)
  • Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time (DST) (improved)