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Daikin for All Your Needs

The comprehensive range of Daikin products and services enables us to provide innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. No matter what the temperature, space or climate.




Whether you require office heating, cooling, ventilation, Daikin offers customized office HVAC solutions that will not only create the ideal working conditions, but also minimize energy use and carbon emissions, so you can operate as an environmentally responsible business. And that will help to ensure everyone feels good at work.




Daikin offers a range of highly energy efficient solutions for healthcare environments, including air conditioning for hospitals, as well as economical hospital heating and ventilation systems, to deliver a fresh and healthy environment that helps to protect the well-being of both patients and staff alike.




Daikin offers a range of school HVAC and college HVAC solutions for educational environments, both large and small. Based on low carbon, renewable energy heat pump technology, Daikin’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies can be fully integrated to reduce the running costs and environmental impact of educational buildings.




Restaurants have many demands for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and refrigeration, but nothing should distract diners from enjoying the perfect ambiance. Daikin offers total control of temperature, air quality and humidity - with no drafts or noise - so that your restaurant is always fresh, comfortable and welcoming, however busy it becomes.


Daikin restaurant ventilation systems can recover heat from kitchens and restaurant refrigeration equipment, to provide low cost heating. And with centralized control and easy scheduling of the entire restaurant air conditioning system, energy use is minimized to control your running costs too.




To create the ideal retail environment, it’s vital to offer a perfectly comfortable climate from the moment your customers step into the store. Yet it’s never been more important to minimize operating costs and manage your environmental impact. Daikin offers a variety of solutions to help you achieve all of these goals.




Daikin offers total versatility and control for banking environments, where multiple zones have different demands, by providing energy efficient commercial HVAC systems. Effective control of individual zones and units ensures that heating and cooling is only used where required, to reduce energy costs. Yet the system still provides optimum comfort whenever required, with consistent temperature and airflow distribution.




A hotel’s reputation is dependent on how welcome and comfortable guests feel during their stay - and Daikin has a ‘total solution’ for hotels to help you create that perfect ambience. Our cost-effective solutions can offer total control of hotel air conditioning, ventilation, and heating, with stylish yet silent, draft-free indoor units that promise a good night’s sleep.




Landlords can enjoy the many unique benefits of a cost and energy-saving system.




Daikin offers a range of energy efficient and versatile solutions for all types of faith-based environments, including worship centers, offices, schools and activities areas. Based on low carbon, renewable energy heat pump technology, Daikin’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions will keep energy expenditures low, and help reduce the environmental impact of worship buildings where occupancy is highly variable. Daikin systems are renowned for being quiet, ideal for environments where peaceful surroundings and solitude are essential.




Creating a perfectly comfortable leisure environment is a fine art; one that requires a constant flow of fresh air, balanced humidity, large volumes of hot water and well-controlled heating and cooling to keep your visitors comfortable at all times. Daikin offers a wide range of integrated climate management solutions suitable for all kinds of sports and leisure environments, from spa heating and gym air conditioning, to the largest exhibition centers.