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Being comfortable in your home isn’t just about what the weather’s like outside — it’s about what you’re doing inside. That’s why you need a smart HVAC system that keeps you comfortable and responds to your needs while you work up a sweat or work from home.

Daikin makes designing your comfort easy by providing answers to your big questions.
Need to heat or cool just that one room addition? No problem. Want a different temperature in every room from a single outdoor unit? Easy. Want to save on your energy bill with a high efficiency system? Done.

Design Your Comfort Now

A True Upgrade

Built on Inverter Technology that we pioneered, our smart air systems keep the whole house comfortable, without the temperature swings you’d expect from traditional on/off systems. Whether your home has ducts or not, we can help you save on energy costs and find more comfort than ever before, in every room of your house.

Our Products

Daikin EMURA

An excellent upgrade for spaces currently using a window unit and built to work in cold temperatures. It’s a powerful, intelligent system in a sleek and stylish package.

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Daikin Fit

Say goodbye to “too hot” and “too cold” and say hello to comfort.  The Daikin Fit is a smart HVAC system that doesn’t compromise on  comfort. It connects to both ducted and ductless homes and runs on our inverter technology, which means it runs continuously and adjusts to meet the demand, so it’s always comfortable inside. Plus, the outdoor unit is compact, so it fits just about anywhere.

Learn MoreDaikin FIT

Daikin One Ecosystem

The Daikin One+ is a smart, cloud-connected thermostat. Control temperature and indoor air quality with a sophisticated, integrated and intelligent design.

Learn MoreDaikin One+ Smart Thermostat
Daikin Product Reviews

"We're so happy with this new system. Great work by the installer. The reviews for Daikin products were a big selling point but the customer service we received sealed the deal."

Michael, Oregon City, OR

Daikin Product Reviews

"The Daikin Fit is a unique efficient cooling machine which may be the best for efficiency, quietness and durability in the market. The warranty of 12 parts and 12 labor is the best available."

Ed, Apopka, FL

Daikin Product Reviews

"We replaced our 16 year-old furnace/air conditioner with a Daikin 97% efficient unit, and for the first time we were experiencing a balanced temperature between our main floor and the upstairs. So far I'm very satisfied."

Robert, Grand Rapids, MI


Knowledge is power. We can help you navigate the world of HVAC and set your home up for total comfort.

Who is Daikin?
We're the world's #1 Air Conditioning Company and a constant innovator founded nearly 100 years ago. We pride ourselves on helping you find the comfort that fits your life with customizable systems that are smart and efficient.
Is it easy to replace my existing system?
Our Daikin Pros are hand-selected and well trained to help you customize your setup and make the installation process smooth. And because Daikin provides one of the widest range of solutions in the market, we can find exactly the right system, just for you.
What about maintenance? Is it required periodically?
Like all air conditioning systems, you need to clean or change the filters every few months, depending on your particular system. It’s very easy. We do recommend a yearly visit from a Daikin Pro to make sure everything is working properly.
Are there rebates and incentives in my area?

Let’s find out! Most homeowners in North America have access to rebates and incentives offered by their local utility companies. In your area, others have saved up to Contact a Daikin Pro to find out how much you can save.

Let’s find out! Most homeowners in North America have access to rebates and incentives offered by their local utility companies. In your area, others have saved up to $XXXX! Contact a Daikin Pro to find out how much you can save.
Are your systems energy efficient?
At Daikin, Sustainability is a high priority. Traditional units are very inefficient. It takes a lot of energy to start an outdoor unit when it’s off. Most of our systems use an inverter compressor, which conserves energy by running the outdoor unit at the right speed all the time, keeping your indoor space the right temperature all the time.
What type of warranty does Daikin offer?
Our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and that means we back them with outstanding warranties. All parts warranties fall between 10-12 years, depending on the unit. We also offer a labor warranty option on some systems, which means if anything goes wrong, the work is covered. Your Daikin Pro can explain your options and help familiarize you with the warranty on your system.
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Complete warranty details available from your local dealer/contractor or at receive the Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation. Online registration is not required in California or Québec
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